Load recommendations – HangOn beams

It´s very hard to say exactly how much it is possible to stress our hanging beams. Load can be vibrating, swinging and can be on one point or several points. We have tried different ways of using the beams and here´s a table of recommended loads as interval (worst case-best case). As always it has to be tested in real situation.

Maximum load interval (kg)
Prod No. Worst caseBest case
H1B 500x50634
H1B 600x50528
H1B 800x50421
H1B 1000x50317
H1B 1200x50214
H11B 500x502568
H11B 600x502157
H11B 700x501848
H11B 800x501642
H11B 1000x501334
H11B 1200x501028
H2B 500x5052220
H2B 600x5044183
H2B 800x5033137
H2B 1000x5026110
H2B 1200x502292
H25B 800x50100255
H25B 1000x5080204
H25B 1200x5070170
H3B 800x50200870
H3B 1000x50180690
H3B 1200x50150580

Load recommendations - Notched rails

Same problems as above to judge how much load that is possible to hang onto rails. Here´s a table of recommended loads as interval (worst case-best case).

Maximum load interval (kg)
Prod No.Worst caseBest case
HNR 180x3,0 D4542108
HNR 270x3,0 D452665
HNR 360x3,0 D451846

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